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Rosangela has lived in her very little city without having ever possessing any worries, that is until eventually something pretty mysterious started to happen while in the smaller town of Blackwell.

For the duration of early early morning information it had been documented that two pupils have killed them selves, and just 롤강의 after performing an autopsy and investigating the terribly scary occasion it had been found that one thing unearthly has invaded the bodies of the faculty learners which includes pressured them to commit the horrible suicide.

Just as which was going down Rosangela continues to be mysteriously contacted by Joey Mallone, her spiritual manual, whom only she could communicate with. He knowledgeable which the Tremendous normal mysteries needed to be solved quickly and롤대리 the ones at fault terminated or which could produce additional deaths within their town and sooner or later internationally, thus rendering Rosangela the globe savior.


In the on Rosangela and Joey group up, where as Rosa has got to conduct each of the human earthly missions whilst Joey does all the investigation as far as the supernatural happenings are worried.

This really is when The full thing goes even wilder as you happen to be introduced in to the mystery Alternative team and have to help you out both Joey and Rosa to unravel the mystery by assisting them remedy this emotional thriller, What exactly are you watching for? Go on assistance preserve the whole world and maintain the Blackwell Legacy.