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Rosangela has lived in her tiny town with no at any time having any problems, that's until something really mysterious started to take place during the little town of Blackwell.

Throughout early morning information it had been documented that two pupils have killed on their own, and just after accomplishing an autopsy and investigating the terribly scary function it absolutely was identified that one thing unearthly has invaded the bodies of the faculty college students that has forced them to dedicate the horrible suicide.

Just as that was happening Rosangela is mysteriously contacted by Joey Mallone, her spiritual information, whom only she could communicate with. He educated which the super organic mysteries needed to be solved immediately and those at fault terminated or that might produce much more deaths in their town and at some point around the world, thus rendering Rosangela the world savior.

With the on Rosangela and Joey crew up, the place as Rosa has to conduct every one of the human earthly missions whilst Joey does all the study as far as the supernatural happenings are anxious.


This is certainly when the whole detail goes even wilder as that you are brought into your thriller Alternative staff and also have to aid out equally Joey and Rosa to resolve the mystery by helping them remedy this psychological mystery, Exactly what are you watching for? Go on help 롤대리 conserve the planet and hold the Blackwell Legacy.